The Twelve Stadiums of the Fifa World Cup

They look stunning! With this being the biggest show, it’s time to get familiar with them.


This is where the opening game will be, Arena Corinthians in São Paulo

This is Estãdio Das Dunas

This is Arena Amazonia, located in Manaus

This sustainable stadium project will provide an important legacy for the region and play its part in helping to preserve the diversity of the Amazonian rainforest. For example, rainwater will be collected for its subsequent use in toilets or to water the pitch, while the region’s abundant supply of sunshine will be harnessed to generate clean and renewable energy. Plant screens will also be created to keep energy costs down and, above all, to control temperatures inside the stadiums.


Arena Pernambuco  is a new multi-use stadium in the Western suburbs of the Recife metropolitan area, in Sao Paulo Lourenco da Mata Brazil.